Apple files patent for a Waze-like navigation technology for its iOS maps: Report


Though Apple is reported to have missed out on buying Waze, which was eventually snapped by Google, the Cupertino-based company is still interested in the former’s mapping technology. AppleInsider reports on a US Patent Office application filed by Apple, which collates crowdsourced data to offer real-time information on the roads and traffic.

According to the patent application, the technology will accept data from cellular and GPS devices, which means that both iPhone and iPad users will be able to send data. Much like what Waze does, the technology will collate data on which roads are closed, blocked or have heavy traffic from users in real-time. This would mean that users who use Apple’s maps for navigation will get the most current traffic information.

Additionally, once a user reaches his or her destination, Apple will ask them to rate the particular route. The rating system will further help one choose the best route to their destination based on what others say.

Though implementing this technology will need a lot of work, Waze has shown that it can be done. Implemented correctly, the technology will give a big boost to Apple’s native maps client.