Apple hikes product prices in India


Like we had exclusively reported a fortnight ago, Apple has hiked prices of some of its products in India. Earlier, Apple had increased prices of the new iMacs significantly with the new range starting from Rs 99,900 while the older iMacs started at Rs 85,900. This month, Apple has also increased prices of the Mac mini and its range of Thunderbolt and Cinema displays.

According to the list received by BGR India, the Mac mini now starts at Rs 44,990 while the same model was priced at Rs 39,900 for the Intel i5 variant. The i7 version now costs Rs 59,900 (up from Rs 52,900) and the OS X Server quad-core i7 at Rs 74,900 (earlier Rs 65,900).

We do not have the exact pricing of the new displays at the moment, but we are told they have received significant price hikes as well. There is no change in prices of the MacBook or other product portfolios.

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