Apple iPad 5 blueprints leak, could have smaller dimensions than the iPad 4


Unlike last year, Apple has not yet announced a refresh for the iPad, yet. Most probably that will happen sometime in the fall, but recent rumours have suggested that it could have a design that would be similar to the iPad mini. Now, french blog has leaked photos of a blueprint for the iPad 5 which was taken off an internal document.

Apparently, the source for the document has worked in a machining company that is contracted by Apple and according to it the next iPad will be also be much more compact in terms of overall dimensions, in addition to being much slimmer.

According to the blueprints the iPad 5 could be 7.9mm thin which is much thinner than the iPad 4 and will be 232mm long and 178.5mm wide. The current generation model is 241.3mm long and 185.8mm wide, so this will be quite a dramatic reduction in dimensions.

This will go a long way in making it more portable and perhaps will convince people that the 9.7-inch form factor provides a perfect balance between portability and utility, without sacrificing on the size of the screen

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