Apple iPad mini, iPad 4 launched in India

Right on cue, Apple today launched the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4) in India today. The iPad mini, which features a smaller 7.9-inch display and the same processor as the iPad mini starts from Rs 21,900. The iPad 4, meanwhile looks similar to the iPad 3 but features a new A6X processor, which Apple claims is twice as fast as the iPad 3. The iPad 4 starts from Rs 31,900. Both the iPad mini and the iPad 4 come with Lightning connector but only the iPad mini uses a nano-SIM while the iPad 4 continues to use a micro-SIM.

Read on for detailed pricing of both the iPad variants.

iPad mini

16GB Wi-Fi only Rs 21,900 16GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 29,900

32GB Wi-Fi only Rs 27,900 32GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 35,900

64GB Wi-Fi only Rs 33,900 64GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 41,900

Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display

16GB Wi-Fi only Rs 31,900 16GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 39,900

32GB Wi-Fi only Rs 37,900 32GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 45,900

64GB Wi-Fi only Rs 43,900 64GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 51,900

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Photo Credit: Eshan Shetty

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