Apple iPad mini, iPad 4 prices for India revealed

Apple iPad mini, iPad 4 prices for India revealed
Apple iPad mini, iPad 4 prices for India revealed

We have been exclusively reporting about the iPad mini launch in India and yesterday we scooped the pricing of the iPad mini Wi-Fi edition. Today we have received the final pricing of both the iPad mini Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+Cellular variants courtesy Cochin-based retailer ITNET Infocom. Read on for details.

Like we reported yesterday, the iPad mini Wi-Fi version will be available from Rs 21,900 for the 16GB version. The 32GB and 64GB variants will be priced at Rs 27,900 and Rs 33,900 respectively, just like we reported. The iPad mini Wi-Fi+Cellular version will start from Rs 29,900 for the 16GB variant and Apple will follow its Rs 6,000 difference between variants, which means the 32GB will be priced at Rs 35,900 and the 64GB variant will come with a Rs 41,900 price tag. We have independently verified these prices.

The retailer also claims that the fourth generation iPad (aka iPad 4 with Retina Display) will start from Rs 31,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only base variant. The 32GB and 64GB variants will be priced at Rs 37,900 and Rs 43,900 respectively. The Wi-Fi+3G variants will be priced at Rs 39,900, Rs 45,900 and Rs 51,900. This is a bump of Rs 2,000 over the third generation iPad with Retina Display prices (aka iPad 3), which is strange considering the iPad 4 essentially replaces the iPad 3 and we were expecting it to be priced the same, just like it is in the US.

Photo Credit: Eshan Shetty


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  • Rohan

    The price fluctuates in India due to the current exchange rate versus the exchange rate that prevailed during the iPad 3rd gen launch.

    • Rohan

      Also, to nitpick, the iPad 4 pricing is offset by Rs. 1400 than the iPad 3 pricing at launch (which was at Rs. 30,500), not Rs. 2000. If you compare to the current selling price of the iPad 3, which is reduced to Rs. 28,900 in order to clear old stock, the cost difference turns out to be of Rs. 3,000.

    • dinesh

      Yes n also the cost will be reducing day by day.

  • haish

    when its available in india? at imagine

  • Sanah

    These prices are hediously over priced !!!!!!!

    • Sanah reply

      Then go buy a Samsung :)

  • goutham

    The price is very much gud!!

  • vin

    When u put in prices,can u please put in a nice little table for easy referance?

  • Kshitiz Gupta

    Rightly said by Rohan. The pricing of iPad mini too is very good considering is is sold for around $350(350*55=19250) inclusive of taxes. And once again kudos to BGR team for being the first to report the pricing.
    With the launch of ipad mini in India the Apple product line up has become very diverse and confusing too for the buyer.

  • umesh

    eagrly waiting 4 apple itv

  • umesh

    Boss, anyone goes with new tech has to pay more price…remembering the days wen laptop used 2 come in lakhs n lcds as well.

  • Karan

    Awesome news! I will definitely go for iPad 4- 32 gb as an upgrade to my ipad 2 16gb… I dont recommend anyone buying the 4g version Ipad’s.. They are just useless as longer as you have a iPhone 5,4s or any good android smartphone..

  • Ravi Kishore

    I dont know why apple is only concentrating the rich guys. when competitors are giving for much lesser price, Apple would have come down with 3 – 5k cheaper from the original figures. Yeah there is no comparison b/w Apple and rest of the mobile and gadget market but if you want to win everyone’s heart then you should come up with something teasing.

    • Anon

      What if you don’t want to win hearts, but actually make money? I heard they are doing just fine there. Tsk tsk

  • Avikant Saini

    What the f***

    iPod touch 5G $299= rs 23500
    iPad mini $329= rs 21900
    iPhone 5 $649= rs 45500!

    • Rajat

      Blame difference in import duties for that!

    • Aman

      nice catch man … even i m confused wid dere pricing policy…. according to newly launched ipad mini price , india’s rupees is strenthning

  • Isanto

    What is link to preorder iPad mini

  • Isanto

    link to preorder iPad mini

  • Renish

    Congrats bgr on accurate reporting.. Apple reseller in town just called me with prices exactly the same

  • Ashish desai

    Its available @ for under Rs.21500 with special discounts. Here is the link:

  • john

    Ipad4 verry veryy nice tablet ……