Apple iPhone 4 will be sold not just via carrier stores but across cellphone stores in India

Let the flood gates open! We have been able to confirm that both Aircel and Airtel are indeed working on a reverse subsidy model and now, we can also confirm that the iPhone 4 will be sold across retailers like any other smartphone! This is a departure from Apple’s (and the carrier’s practice) of selling the iPhone only from carrier stores. A few retailers have started receiving packages like the one above, warming them to sell the iPhone 4 from their counters. Considering the iPhone 4 will be unlocked, Apple seems determined to get its India story right this time. Yeah, naysayers would complain it is too late in the day to launch the iPhone 4, but we still believe it would make a dent in Nokia’s and Samsung’s high-end smartphone sales. Finally, we are also hearing May 27 to be the launch date, but we won’t be marking our calendars just yet.

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