Apple iPhone 4S 8GB price dropped to Rs 24,000; iPhone 4 sold out in India


Apple has dropped the price of the iPhone 4S in India from Rs 31,500 to Rs 24,000, sources tell BGR India. Officially, the price reduction is happening by the way of a buyback scheme but for all practical purposes it is a regular price drop as online retailers are already offering it for slightly lower than Rs 24,000 without buyers having to exchange it for an old smartphone.

Sources also tell BGR India that the iPhone 4, which was reintroduced in India recently for Rs 22,900, has also been sold out. This is likely to be the end of life for the iPhone 4, unless Apple decides to launch it at an even lower price, which seems unlikely at the moment.

The move comes after Sony reportedly overtook Apple as the second largest smartphone brand in the country by value at the end of last year. The iPhone 5C too got an unofficial price cut from its launch price of Rs 41,900 for the 16GB variant and is currently available for Rs 38,000 with most online retailers.

Apple has been really aggressive in India this year with multiple buyback schemes for its iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. There has been greater elasticity in the pricing of iPhones, in particular, this year with even the iPhone 5S available for approximately Rs 47,500 for the 16GB variant, down from its launch price of Rs 53,500. Under the premise of buyback schemes, Apple is allowing retailers to provide discounts to buyers than insisting on exchanging an old smartphone.

  • Ravi Verma

    kon itna bevkoof h jo aaj b itna bakwaas phone khareed rha h india me..???

    • Ravi Verma

      and itna costly.. sach me mujhe bade bevkoof lagte h aise log…

      • vikas

        Its better first you know the phone all the features and then make any strong comments like that ….. you ditching i phone on what basis please explain .. ?

        • Ravi Verma

          have u read its specs..??… only a fool will spend Rs. 24,000 for this phone.. I’m not bashing iPhone.. it’s the price.. I can get a whole lot better phone at this price.. At these spescs its not worth more than 13-15,000.. aur wo b agar 16GB ho to.. not 8 GB..

        • Ravi Verma

          and by the way I have used iPhone 4s jo mere room-mate k paas tha.. its has very good features but not worth this money…

  • shmuddin1986

    Cool…. :)

  • rat

    iphones can not sell their mobiles in their range between 20000 to 50000 !!!!! because of overpricing.
    i phones can find their customer above 50000 so i conclude that iphones can not success in india.
    Hope they analyze this thing and make iphones with good hardware and affordable prizing accordingly.