> > Apple iPhone 5C 8GB India price at Rs 29,500 under buyback scheme

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB India price at Rs 29,500 under buyback scheme


Last month, Apple launched the iPhone 5C 8GB in India, priced at Rs 37,500. As expected, the company has introduced a buyback scheme in India, wherein its retailers will offer a minimum of Rs 8,000 off on the device in exchange for the buyer’s old smartphone. This buyback scheme effectively brings the iPhone 5C 8GB’s price down to Rs 29,500.

Last month, Apple had announced a buyback scheme for the iPhone 5C 16GB, wherein you could buy the device for Rs 34,400, which is a discount of Rs 7,500. Smartphone vendors these days are increasingly offering buyback offers in a bid to bring down prices of their smartphones. Apple CEO Tim Cook had mentioned that iPhone sales in India had grown by 55 percent and we had reported that almost every second smartphone priced upwards of Rs 30,000 in India was an iPhone.

Other companies like Samsung too are offering a buyback scheme in India on its flagship Galaxy S5, which brings the smartphone’s price down to Rs 44,000. The company recently also announced another buyback scheme for Galaxy S III owners, who could upgrade to a Galaxy S5 for as low as Rs 34,000.

At Rs 29,500, the iPhone 5C 8GB makes for a nice affordable 4G LTE-enabled smartphone that can run on India’s 4G networks. Though the absence of a microSD card slot is certainly a limitation, we would still recommend it as the best affordable smartphone for users who don’t keep a lot of media or gaming apps on their smartphones.