Apple iPhone 6 could look like the iPod touch, leaked video suggests


Apple’s iPhone 6 could feature a sleek design similar to the iPod touch, a new video from Unbox Therapy suggests. The video shows off how an iPod touch sits perfectly inside cases meant for the next generation iPhone. The fifth generation iPod touch was 6.1mm thin, which is also the rumored thickness of the iPhone 6.

In addition to the video, an image showing off iPhone 6’s volume keys has surfaced on Weibo. While the video too highlights the pill-like rectangular shape of the volume keys on the iPhone 6 cases, the image too shows off similar design of the volume keys, than the circular ones seen on the current iPhone. Also, the volume keys seem similar to the buttons seen on the current iPod touch and are comparatively thinner than the ones on current iPhone, possibly to go with overall thinner design of the iPhone 6.


The two leaks are in addition to multiple leaks that have emerged recently suggesting that the iPhone 6 would feature a new, thinner design. Apple is reportedly working on two variants – one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display. However, the bigger variant has been reportedly delayed with suppliers facing problems with delivering the slim batteries Apple wants for the iPhone 6.

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