Apple likely to launch iPhone 5 in India on October 26

This is the news you all had been waiting for and you read it first on BGR India! Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 5 in India on the last Friday of this month, which happens to be October 26.  As we had exclusively reported earlier, Apple will be distributing the iPhone 5 in India on its own rather than relying on its carrier partners.

We expect the iPhone 5 to have a wider availability unlike the past where it was not available readily everywhere.

We also hear that the iPhone 5 would be priced closer to the launch price of the iPhone 4S, which recently got a price drop. However, at this point of time we are not sure about the number of units available initially considering Apple is facing supply constraints globally.

The iPhone 5 features a new re-designed anodized aluminum casing, a taller 4-inch IPS in-cell display with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels, an 8-megapixel-iSight camera with a sapphire lens cover and a dynamic low-light mode and a panorama mode. Additionally, the device has a custom Apple designed dual-core A6 chip clocked at 1GHz along with 1GB of RAM and 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory options. The iPhone 5 also supports LTE networks in select markets; unfortunately India is not among them. The iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6.

Image Credit: BGR Classic

  • dilip

    wow! My dream phone coming… Thanks a lot bgr.

  • Apple fan

    Lets teach apple a lesson by not purchasing IPHONE-5 because they are launching the products here so late.
    They should include INDIA in the first batch of the countries, they launch iphone, INDIA is a great country and apple can have big market here.
    Am always dissapointed with apple because of this.
    Lets hope apple do something about this.

    • Mobile freak

      Bang on right. Apple should learn from Samsung who always releases their flagship phones in India and then couple of months later is USA. Apple always consider India in last, it’s quite insult to India and its people.

      • vineet

        Late US release is not in their hands as it is controlled completely by the wireless data carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc. They even decide the specs like ram, nfc etc in some models

        • Apple fan

          Dude when 1st iphone was launched AT&T were not anything about the phone, they tied with apple because they were knowning steve jobs would bring something amazing, it is there in keynote of 1st gen iphone keynote said by AT&T,watch the keynote.
          Don’t just be a fan, be a smart fan.

          • vineet

            LMAO!! First I was talking about Samsung’s late US release(which goes for moto, nokia, lg etc) and secondly, you call yourself an apple fan and if its not enough you refer me as being ignorant. Take a reality check you ignorant fool. Read this. Mobile carriers in US decide everything- price, specs, availability, colours etc. you name it. for all manufacturers except apple. And initially Verizon refused to launch iphone. Phone market in US is at the mercy of their carriers.


            Enlighten yourself and others. Give your little weak brain a little gentle push(not hard it might explode/melt) and don’t be just another douche apple fan(if you are a fan at all).

        • apple

          Dude when 1st iphone was launched AT&T were not anything about the phone, they tied with apple because they were knowning steve jobs would bring something amazing, it is there in keynote of 1st gen iphone keynote said by AT&T,watch the keynote.
          Don’t just be a fan, be a smart fan.

      • Raj

        An Insult really? Despite knowing that LTE is not there in India, Apple is still releasing an iPhone! Won’t that be an Insult to them?

        • Enthusiast

          and as long our politicians, Team Anna and judges keep asking government to sell GSM (2G) licences at premium – the telecom operators will bring a proper 3G only after year 2015 – and let alone 4G-LTE. Sorry to sound political, but as a consumer I am disappointed that India has been made to run at least 10 years (if not more!) behind in the mobile technology space.

          Throw LTE at dirt cheap prices to consumers, just imagine how remotest of villages get connected to internet and bring about huge revolution.

        • Aniruddh

          Are you completely lost? or You have no idea of current news? We have LTE in India.

          • amit

            LTE is present in india but works on 2600mhz and iphone works on 2100. In india 2100 mhz is not even auctioned.

            So no point on discussing lte.

          • vineet

            @Raj: No it’s not an insult bcoz it also has 3G which works very well in India. They do not rely on a single feature to launch their new model.

            @Anirudh: Indian LTE frequency is not supported by iphone 5.

          • Enthusiast

            Perhaps I am lost, could you provide bit more details on 4G network available in India other than Airtel Kolkata?

            Also if I may ask what plan of 3G do you use?

            Just to share, I use Airtel 3G in Delhi. Ever since first couple of months of free 3G in Delhi was withdrawn I switched over to paid 3G. Even after 18 months, till date I dont have a proper 3G service available on my handset. Since then I have logged at least 10 complaints with their service center, Nodal officer, Appelate officer – but even now I dont get 3G signals, at my home location.

            The reason for all this story is there is hardly any user base who has subscribed to 3G plans, consumer find it too expensive…and that means the operators are not able to expand their networks. 3G hasnt reached masses, and I cant imagine 4G/LTE becoming popular in India for at least 5-7 years to come.

  • vineet


  • Dinesh

    Awesome news was waiting for this :)

  • Ankit

    No rumors on price then right? Sincerely hoping its ~45k. at max

  • hirday

    I would assume that the 64GB model would be priced at Rs. 48000-52000

    • iME

      you must be kidding
      iphone 5 16GB-49000 thats the price
      & trust me on this

  • Marc

    Great news. I’ve been waiting for it to release for quite a while. I read a few comments by a few people who said they aren’t happy with Apple because they release their products late in India.
    Now, is there a reason they do this ? Yes. One reason is because the Indian market, although very big, has a small percentage of users in this category. I don’t mean to say we Indians cannot afford them, Its just how it is. This should answer most of your questions.

    How important is India to Apple? Why doesn’t Apple launch its products first in India? When will Apple Store open in India? Tim Cook today laid to rest questions like these for good. When asked about its plans for India, Cook minced no words to make it clear that India is currently not on top of his or Apple’s mind. There are many more countries with higher potential for Apple than India.

    “I love India but I believe Apple has some higher potential in the intermediate time in some other countries. We have a business there and the business is growing,” said Cook during today’s quarterly earnings call. He blamed a multi-layer distribution model for “adding to the cost of products” as a factor. While Cook maintained that Apple would continue to work and address these problems, the simple fact is that countries like China, some in South East Asia and Brazil offer higher growth potential for Apple.

    Now, this doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t believe India has a big market for them, Its just that we aren’t as big as the others and I’ve got to agree with them.
    But hey guys, we at India aren’t at the worst side. There are a few countries that are expecting the iPhone next year, we’ve got it in the end of October, just before Diwali. I’m definitely going to pick this one up :-)

    • Aniruddh

      Nah! iPhone doesn’t have anything for Indians. Most of the features like turn-by-turn navigation won’t be available for us. I switched to Android (Galaxy S3), I don’t want to waste my money on a phone that can’t give it’s 100%.

  • Akhil

    Indian mobile companies had no nano sim cards thats one of the biggest reasons why apple is releasing it here a little late. So pls dont blame apple completely!

    • Sanket

      The Nano Sims are available in INDIA through most of the major carriers like VODAFONE, Airtel, Aircel.

      Confirmed this with senior executives of all the companies.

  • Apple Fan

    Boring iPhone ever…

    • Harsh

      R u mad or something.

  • Anil

    That’s too fast compared to past. Finally Apple understood the Indian market but partially.
    They should set iPhone 5 price to 29k for 16 GB. It will sell like hot cake.

  • Karan


  • Answering morons

    Yeah, teach apple a lesson by now buying their products. That’ll teach them.

    Apple doesn’t care about India as a market due to their desire to keep margins highas they go for profit share.

    Samsung and others play by market share.

    The reason why Apple leads isn’t by listening to morons.

  • Tony

    Apple doesn’t need to launch this in India at outset. Few niche customers, compared to other countries. So obviously India doesnt figure high on the priority list.

    No matter what your opinion is on this, this isnt likely to change soon. The phone will still fly off the shelves when it gets here. People who can afford one and who want one won’t think twice.

    You forget Samsung has multiple models at various price ranges, this caters to various sections of society – business,school,teen,etc. Apple has 2 models (4/4S) which cater to one category alone – those who can afford one (here in India at least).

    I wonder if the Iphone India warranty which was not applicable to iPhones bought outside India earlier will now be applicable, since the phones are no longer sold by carrier and are now sold by Apple. Theoretically this should mean the global warranty should apply. Might make more sense to buy one in the US/Singapore then,

  • harish

    THANKS A LOT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RAJAT

    BUT please help me to choose between note 2 / ip5

  • arush

    take the current dollar rate and multiply it by 650$-16GB and add 30% of customs and taxes of import charged for import that would be price of iphone 5!!!!

  • Vishal Mehra

    It’s amazing how some idiots pretending to be “apple fans” here are anything but that. They probably belong to a competitor’s “social team” & hiding behind a shameful garb.

    No facts, no valid comments just plain hating on the brand, wonder why Rajat & Sahil don’t ban these trolls. SHAME on all you “SMART” fans, giving away your korean identity.




    Awesome… Waiting for this news…!!!!

  • Dhvanesh

    WOW! That’s great news. It is two months earlier than expected date in December.

    However, what I believe is Apple should launch their products in India along with US, Canada and U.K. India is now promising market for Apple products.

  • Sid

    Waiting for iphone 5, great news. And for all thouse samsung fans do not compare a samsung with an Apple. Apple is leaps and bounds agead than the cheap plastic.

  • Sid

    Waiting for iphone 5, great news. And for all thouse samsung fans do not compare a samsung with an Apple. Apple is leaps and bounds ahead than the cheap plastic.

  • Suresh

    Not sure, how far this information is correct but definitely the source has got some wrong information. Apple cant come in India by its own – as claimed by BGR above. Here is an interesting analysis answering ‘Why’ -

    The only way left for Apple is that it can come in India with its 2 new partners who are completely non-network provider.

  • hrishikesh

    just saw the new ipod prices in apple india website.
    and as far as i know(based on actual price comparisons) apple converts dollars to INR at the rate of 1$=70Rs, so,
    iphone 5 16gb will be 650$ + 40$ tax= 690$ = 48500/- INR (appr)

    this calculation applies to ipod touch and iphone, not the ipad though.
    lets hope iphone will not cost too much. but the recent ipod touch prices by apple india suggests very costly iphone 5. the new ipod touch is 23,900/- and 30,900/- which are 299$ and 399$ in USA.

  • Anirudh P

    So will stores llike Reliance’s istore be carrying it on the 26th?

  • harish

    Its a rubbish post .

    read this and dont post idiots THINGS RAJAT

  • Ronit

    I phone 5 Fuck nd it’s iso 6 has to many problems

  • wasim says iphone 5 internally launch in india today in holding a private event and available 26 oct official for costumer

  • dulldev

    hahaaaaa.. apple officially refutes india launch rumors made by rajat..with stories like dat rajat u should have no problem making a living in bollywood. chupke phekh mat yaar…you heard it here first!!! lolz get a life man!

  • dulldev

    BGR= Boy Genius Rumors!!

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Any prediction for prices? As in grey market they are quoting like anything, Rs. 59,000 for 16GB, Rs. 66,000 for 32GB and Rs. 72,000 for 64GB. Any news for actual price?

  • Karan


  • appu

    Guys… All roumers are closed… Iphone 5 arrives india in diwali….it confirmed on yesterday’s distributors meeting..

  • Anirudh Parekh

    Where will the iphones be available?
    Which stores?

    • Another Apple Fanboy

      It’s quite a lot of confusion at the moment … Diwali launch, December launch, etc.

      Wanted to get one from the US, but don’t want to get it and realize it’s getting officially launched here in a few days.

      Because, mine gotten from the US won’t have any warranty.

      But then, I don’t want to lose the opportunity of getting it form the US as a 64GB can be gotten for like 62-63K

      Guys, suggestions please ….

  • Ashish

    Hey that’s not true , it’s just a rumour , I have confirmed from an apple reseller , iPhone 5 will be available till the last week of November .

  • joshua logan

    Now lets talks about release date of iPhone 6.

  • Dhams

    very late to see this post, but now thanks to apple I am enjoying iPhone 5 :)