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Apple looking for ground truth managers to improve quality of maps


Apple has been highly criticized for its Maps app which launched last year replacing Google Maps, and ever since then it has been trying to improve its mapping service in some or the other way. After it recently took over a location-based service provider WiFiSLAM, the company has now posted job briefs on its website for hiring managers specialized in mapping solutions according to a job posting on Apple’s website.

Apple is seeking as many as seven specialists in several regions to work on what it referred to as ‘ground truth’ managers to improve the quality of maps in their specific regions. The ground truth managers will basically be updating maps on the basis of analyzing the satellite image and information about a place with the information and pictures gathered by visiting the respective place. As it suggests, the company clearly wants to develop and update its maps in accordance to satellite information, known truth and local expertise about a particular area.

Moreover, the required person would be evaluating competing products in their regions clearly tells that Apple wants its Maps to be at par its rival Google’s Maps.

With all this, one thing is clear that Apple is working hard on improvising its mapping solutions to match steps with others leading the market.

That said, mapping is hard, services only improve with years of expertise and no matter how well Apple improves its product, the truth is that its rivals are also iterating their services at the same pace, so it’s still possible that Apple will not take the cake in terms of mapping.