Apple offers offers up to Rs 40,000 off on your old MacBook in buyback scheme in India


After offering buyback schemes on iPhones and iPads, Apple is trying to replicate the same with MacBooks in India. The company is encouraging existing MacBook users to exchange their old MacBooks for new ones. According to the offer, users can get up to Rs 40,000 off for a MacBook less than two years old, up to Rs 30,000 for a two-three years old MacBook and up to Rs 25,000 for a MacBook up to four years old. Apple is also offering buyback schemes for laptops from other brands, but buyers will have to check its value in-store.

Earlier, Apple had offered similar buyback schemes for iPhones and iPads, which turned out to be quite successful. However, it remains to be seen whether Apple India can replicate the same model for MacBooks, considering Mac is still considered to be a challenging operating system to use by many users.

Hat tip to ‏@ameyashelar

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