Apple offers popular games and apps for free on the App Store’s fifth anniversary

As the App Store completes five years this week, Apple is reportedly getting ready to celebrate in a big way. On the eve of the anniversary, The Verge reports that some very popular iPhone and iPad games and apps are being offered at no cost on the App Store.

Games like Infinity Blade II, Where’s My Water?, Badland and Tiny Wings, which have never been offered free before are now available at absolutely no cost. Apps like Traktor DJ, which is normally available for around Rs 1,200 and others like Day One, and Barefoot World Atlas are all being offered for free.

There’s no official announcement from Apple yet, but we can expect one very soon. The aforementioned mentioned apps and games could be free only for a limited time, so we would suggest you head over to the App Store and download them.

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  • Anushka

    Apple has lost a lot of ground in the smartphone market as of late, with many believing that the iPhone now plays second fiddle to the high-end Android devices released earlier this year. Needless to say there is a lot of attention focused on Apple to see what the Californian tech giant comes up with for its new iPhone, whether it’s the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Here’s where we take a look at the rumoured new iPhone 5S/6′s release date.