> > Apple paid $8 billion to developers last month: Report

Apple paid $8 billion to developers last month: Report


In a keynote at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has paid $8 billion to its developers in the last one month. This accounts to a huge increase in payouts to developers, which has gone up by $1 billion since their last announcement on numbers on January 7.

In January Apple had reported to have paid $7 billion to its developers, which accounted for an increase of $500M from the numbers announced in October last year. This clearly shows that the payouts this month have gone relatively high by almost double the number by which it had increased last time.

Acceleration in product purchases and thus app purchases usually noticed during holiday season could possibly have worked as a potential factor contributing to such huge payouts recorded last month.

While iOS continues to have a vast developer network, which in fact is growing with time, this increase also shows that there has been a surge in the paid downloads applications from the Apple App Store. Adding on to which, Cook also mentioned that they have over 300,000 apps custom designed for the iPad and iPad mini, which hints that Apple is focused to cater to users on tablets and keep it at par its competitors in the markets.