Apple prepares to launch the iPad mini in India

Apple is all set the iPad mini in India in coming weeks. Multiple sources have confirmed to BGR India that distributors are expecting iPad mini stocks to be available any day now and will be ready to be shipped to retailers by the end of next week. However, Apple is yet to freeze the launch date and could possibly push the launch by another week or so to ensure retail preparedness.

The iPad mini would be the second high-profile Apple product launch in India in quick succession, barely a month after the iPhone 5 launch. Apple struggled to fulfill demand for the iPhone 5 in India and initially had mostly 16GB variant of the device, that too in limited numbers. Apple has just replenished iPhone 5 stocks in the country to some extent but widespread availability is expected not before the second week of December.

We are also told that the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display will also make its way into the market and will replace the third-generation iPad. Apple had stopped supplying the third-generation iPad to its distributors to avoid inventory pile-up. Apple is not expected to make much noise about the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display. The fourth generation iPad is expected to be priced the same as the third-generation iPad. We do not have any confirmation of the pricing of the iPad mini.

The iPad mini is the first iPad with a smaller 7.9-inch display. It features the same display resolution and processor as the iPad 2 but has a high resolution FaceTime camera on the front and a 5-megapixed iSight camera on the rear. It comes with a Lightning connector and the cellular version uses a nano-SIM just like the iPhone 5. We do not have clarity at the moment whether the cellular version of the iPad mini will be launched in India simultaneously with the Wi-Fi only version. The cellular version of the iPad mini has just started shipping in the US.

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