Apple reportedly resurrects iPhone 4 manufacturing for India


If Apple’s strategy of reintroducing the iPhone 4 in India after discontinuing it globally wasn’t shocking enough, a new report claims that Apple has restarted the manufacturing of the four-generations old smartphone specifically for India, Indonesia and Brazil. The move is aimed at recouping market share from Samsung, specifically targeting smartphones like the Galaxy Grand 2 and the S4 mini, the Economic Times reports.

The report also claims that the latest stock of the iPhone 4 was manufactured in December 2013 and new incoming stock would have January 2014 as the manufactured date. BGR India has not independently verified these claims. This is an unprecedented move and if true, shows Apple’s willingness to deviate from its global policies to accommodate requests from markets like India, where Apple’s market share, though miniscule, is still increasing.

While it is a great short-term move by Apple to increase its market share in the relatively lower end of its product spectrum, we are not sure if the iPhone 4 still provides the best user experience.

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