Apple rumored to be launching Apple TV in India soon

Apple is working at launching its Apple TV in India, multiple sources have indicated to BGR India. Not to be confused with the rumored television, Apple TV in its current avatar is a tiny $99 box that brings iTunes to the user’s television as well as enables users to connect their iOS devices wireless to their television and stream content or even play games on the bigger display. (It’s that tiny box on the right corner of the photograph above.)

Our sources have not been able to pinpoint the timing of the launch, however it seems perfect for Apple to launch the device in India considering it has just made the iTunes music and movie store live in India. In fact, if Apple decides to launch Apple TV in the rest of the 55 countries where iTunes Store went live along with India, Apple TV might not remain “just a hobby” for the iPhone maker for very long.

Details are really sketchy at the moment and we do not have anything concrete on the pricing front either, but our sources are hinting at a Rs 6,500-Rs 7,500 price range. We have our eyes peeled for more information and will post updates as we hear more.

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