> > Unlocked iPhone 4S 64GB for Rs 55,000, it's official!

Unlocked iPhone 4S 64GB for Rs 55,000, it’s official!

The iPhone 4S went on sale in 22 additional countries today, providing us with the first glimpse of what the iPhone 4S could be priced at when it is launched in India next month. This is the first wave of countries where Apple is providing the iPhone 4S factory unlocked and our worst fears are coming true. In Spain, the unlocked iPhone 4S is available from Euro 599 for the 16GB variant, Euro 699 for 32GB and Euro 799 for 64GB. This translates into approximately Rs 41,000 for 16GB, Rs 48,000 for 32GB variant and Rs 55,000 for 64GB! The iPhone 4 8GB factory unlocked version is priced at Euro 499 or Rs 34,000. These are exactly in line with what our sources had informed us. Things, as always, are slightly better in Singapore, where the iPhone 4S 16GB variant starts from Rs 37,000 and go up to Rs 48,500. The iPhone 4 8GB variant costs Rs 31,000. Looking at the situation, in case you are hoping for a cheap iPhone 4, it would make more sense to buy the iPhone 4 16GB right now.