Apple shows internal documents to prove Samsung “slavishly copied” its slide to unlock feature


One of the five patents Apple claims Samsung infringed upon in its smartphones is the “slide to unlock” feature, which might seem to be a minor UI “inspiration” but Samsung’s internal documents prove it copied them over time after failing to come up with better alternatives.

During the proceedings of the patent infringement lawsuit between the two companies, Apple revealed multiple internal Samsung documents that showed how market research and competitive sales revealed that Samsung’s screen unlock UI was not good enough and it had to come up with something similar to Apple’s iPhone, Apple Insider reports.

Very much like the 132-page internal report where Samsung compared almost every UI element with Apple and suggested how it could be copied, that Apple had submitted as proof of Samsung’s wrongdoing, this time Apple has submitted multiple internal presentations that compare Samsung’s lockscreen UI to Apple’s and suggests why Apple’s is better as the company found out in market research.

The presentations also showcase how over a period of time in 2010 Samsung’s unlock UI became quite similar to Apple’s slide to unlock feature that was first introduced in 2007 with the first-generation iPhone. It is not a case where Samsung did not have its own ideas, but it found that of Apple’s were better and appealed more to users.

Here’s one of the first internal presentations Samsung did in 2009 to compare its products with the iPhone.

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