Apple slashes iPhone 4, iPhone 4S prices in India as it prepares for iPhone 5 launch

Apple slashes iPhone 4, iPhone 4S prices in India as it prepares for iPhone 5 launch
Apple slashes iPhone 4, iPhone 4S prices in India as it prepares for iPhone 5 launch

Apple India has slashed prices of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 as it prepares for the launch of the iPhone 5 in India. The iPhone 4S, which was earlier available for Rs 44,500 is now available for Rs 41,500. Unlike every year when Apple used to bring a 8GB variant of the previous generation model, the iPhone 4S would continue to sport 16GB storage that explains the marginal price drop.

The bigger deal would be the iPhone 4 8GB that has been dropped to Rs 28,300 from Rs 37,900. This would finally make an iPhone with a decent camera and good specifications available at an affordable price. The iPhone 3GS has been discontinued.

Coming to the iPhone 5 launch date, we are still not comfortable with pegging a date as we are yet to get any credible inputs from proven sources. All we can say at the moment is it is likely to launch in November before Diwali. We will keep you posted as and when we get more credible information.

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  • Sandeep Kaul

    A 6.74% cut in the 4S price is hardly a ‘slash’ in pricing.

  • Sachin

    iPhone 5 will be around Rs48,000. WTF

    • kary jones

      You’re rendering it interesting and you carry on and care for to remain it realistic.

  • Karan

    Well if you guys dont know- iPhone 5 16gb unlocked cost 699$+12% tax which is around 42,000 In US and Canada. Price difference is always Rs.5000-10000 in India.

    There are guys who think iPhone just cost 199,299,399$ not knowing that the 2 year contract exceed 1000$-1700$ and it cant be broken without paying initial unlocked price with tax.

    There are guys who brings stolen phones to India or refurbished ones at cheaper rates.

    • Aniruddh

      You should know that the $80/mo after initial $199 or $299 or $399 includes unlimited voice and 1GB data over 4G LTE. So even if it goes above $1700 after two years, I would consider it a great deal as I’m getting unlimited voice & SMS(s) every month.

      • Karan

        I agree with that! I just wanted to inform all those who thinks Indians are paying double for Apple products.Its not true- The only difference is we pay 10-20% premium due to the tax international companies have to pay to our government+ additional duties.. We should blame our government for this heavy import duty tax and restrictions…

        • Guest

          Great, blame the government for everything! By cutting down the duties by 2-5%, iPhones will become so affordable that everyone will buy one and thus the revenue deficit will be taken care of. Genius!

    • Vikas Rana

      You are clearly not aware of Prices of unlocked iphone 5 in US and Canada. In US unlocked iPhone 5 is $649 (Exclusive of taxes, as taxes vary state wise) where as in Canada unlocked iPhone is C$ 699 (Inclusive of taxes) so unlocked iphone is around INR 36-38K in USA and Canada. not 42k

      • Karan

        Mr.Vikas, Ask someone in Canada before making a false statement. I have brought my phone from Toronto and paid 12% on total value that was 699$ making it around 780$+. Similarly yes i agree with 649$with the US price but the tax varies from 12%to20% depending on the states and it comes around 750$+

        I will gift you my iPhone 5 if you can provide me a proof of canadian prices at apple store. I bet you will find the same figure.

  • Diptak

    Apple stores are not aware of this fact. Can anyone mention the source? Is this pricing effective already here in India?

  • Ud

    From when are the new prices applicable ?

  • Karthik K

    According to our (The4cast) sources, it’s launching on 5th.

    • Diptak

      5th of Oct? Is iPhone 5 releasing on 5th of October? Please reveal your source. Or are you talking about the price slash?

  • Ankit

    Sad part is none of the stores seem aware of the price drop. No clue whatsoever. Wonder if this price drop is official yet and been communicated to all stores

    • Diptak

      Exactly! I have the same point as yours.

  • abhisek

    I agree with karan. I preordered ip5 and my credit card was charged for 45600 in INR!!! Later i found out that tax was included which varies drom 10-15%.depending upon the canadian state. As my ip5 was pending for shipment i decided to cancel my order and rather purchase from India with official warranty.

  • Divahar

    iPhone 6 coming soon … I’m waiting.

  • myGiz

    iphone 4 is a great phone but i am very disappointed with iphone 5 just some inches of big screen is the first look change