Apple testing TV designs with component supplies: WSJ


Ever since Walter Isaacson’s autobiography Steve Jobs claimed that he had found a way to reinvent the TV market, rumors have been flying all over about an impeding Apple Television. Today WSJ claims that Apple is already in the process of testing TV designs with its component manufacturers in Asia.

In fact, the report specifically says that Foxconn and Sharp are helping Apple with this project but nothing is final yet. While this may be true, the fact remains that for the Apple Television; the company will need to strike deals with content providers in the US who are a fragmented lot.

Apple already makes the Apple TV box that is basically an ARM powered jack-in-box for Apple’s content repository, which also acts like a media hub and connects with all Apple products. If Apple manages to combine the Apple TV in a product that has an Apple made display, the TV market could have a winner at its hand, but even if this were true this is a very competitive market that has the likes of Samsung and LG well placed and Apple may need to do much more.


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