Apple to launch Apple TV in India for Rs 6,990

Last week we exclusively reported that Apple was planning to launch its Apple TV in India. However, we were sketchy on details about when Apple would launch it and at what price. Multiple sources have now confirmed to us that in all likelihood Apple would launch the Apple TV in the coming fortnight for Rs 6,990.

Apple TV is not the rumored television set that Apple is said to be currently testing with its Asian manufacturing partners. Instead, it is a tiny box that connects to the television and brings the iTunes Store to it and also enables users to connect their iOS devices to their television wirelessly using AirPlay.

Apple has been selling the device in some countries where it operates the iTunes store with music and video content for a few years now. However, it was not officially available in India as there was no content on iTunes till last week. But with iTunes store going live last week, launching Apple TV would seem the natural thing to do for Apple.

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