Apple to launch iPad mini in India tomorrow starting from Rs 21,900

Apple will launch the iPad mini in India tomorrow starting from Rs 21,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only variant. BGR India has been exclusively reporting about the launch of the iPad mini in India right from Apple’s launch plans to the pricing. The fourth generation iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4) will also go on sale from tomorrow starting from Rs 31,900 for the base 16GB Wi-Fi only version. Read on for the final pricing.

iPad mini

16GB Wi-Fi only Rs 21,900 16GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 29,900

32GB Wi-Fi only Rs 27,900 32GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 35,900

64GB Wi-Fi only Rs 33,900 64GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 41,900

Fourth Generation iPad with Retina Display

16GB Wi-Fi only Rs 31,900 16GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 39,900

32GB Wi-Fi only Rs 37,900 32GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 45,900

64GB Wi-Fi only Rs 43,900 64GB Wi-Fi+Cellular Rs 51,900

You can also read our review of the iPad mini here.

Photo Credit: Eshan Shetty

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  • haish

    thanks BGR!
    going to buy mini

  • haish

    thanks BGR!
    going to buy mini

  • Hrishikesh

    I already have ipad 3 32GB wifi+cellular. Should I upgrade for ipad 4..?? Or looking at the reviews, should I go for ipad mini..??

    • Rohan

      Well, since you already have the iPad 3, overall there’s barely any difference between it and the iPad 4, unless of course you’re a power user wanting to play heavy-duty games or use complex applications. If you’re a casual user, then no point in upgrading to an iPad 4.

      The iPad mini, on the other hand, sounds pretty interesting — given its convenient size and the fact that it weighs half as much as the bigger iPad.

      • hrishikesh

        @rohan- thanks dude. i ll stick to my ipad 3. ipad mini may be the next version. not this one.

  • Rockstar

    Plzz guys suggest me what should i get!???

    I m planning to buy iPod Touch 5th gen or iPad mini for my 4 year nephew. (I have iPad 2 wifi+3g)

    But cant decide which one is better???

    And iPod touch 5th gen 32GB is 23,500
    iPad mini 16GB 21,900

    Guys help me to decide

    • sahil

      go for the mini, your nephew will love it and it is cheaper than the ipod touch, i bought one for myself, loving it.

      • haish

        hey does it work properly i”ll play games on it

      • Rockstar

        But i personally think ipod touch 5th gen can also used as camera while travelling..!!and i love the colour options

        • haish

          i have 4″ display in ios 7.9 is something diff so i think mini is great

  • slackerninja

    Thanks Tech2!

    • Watsa

      Dear Sir,

      I am 27-year-old Male from Mumbai. I wondering what makes more sense to buy

      The iPad has larger girth, so it should give more pleasure.

      But iPad Mini is a better fit for my hand.

      Smaller size is also easier to keep upright, but larger size is better for show.

      Plz advize.

      • slackerninja

        Get the Mumbai Mirror. Should solve all your woes. And it’s cheaper too!

      • Herpderp

        For your specific requirements the mini makes more sense. You will not have anybody to impress with the larger dimensions and improved performance of the iPad. Since it will only be in your own hands, the more compact option will suffice. Only consider the larger iPad if you plan to display it for other people to see, in which case the extra surface area will definitely help you overcome your social anxiety. Even then, no one is likely to want to inspect it up close enough to see the higher resolution. You will also not require a protective case for solo use at home, so you can save some money to invest in accessories (and maybe some cleaning agents) to extend its utility because you will get bored very soon. On the other hand you might find that you enjoy multiplayer games with other iPad owners.

  • Amit Rana


    Note 800 is slightly cheaper then iPad 4 better specs and premium suite coming in ITS TTHE BEST TABLET (i think)

  • Amit Rana

    Or wait for Samsung google nexus 10 THAT BEAST WILL BLOW THESE IPADS OUT OF THE PARK

    • Abhinav

      No it won’t. iOS ecosystem is far far superior then android’s . No other tab gives a better experience.

      • http://iOS Param bal


      • http://iOS Taranvir95


    • Vinod

      Samsung never releases nexus products in india it only releases in usa.

  • Satish

    I have iPad 2 16 GB WIFI 3G. Mai I change to iPad 4 WIFI CELLULAR? WIll someone advise?

  • RK

    I was wondering if Apple will provide enough units of the iPad mini to fulfill the demand…i say this for the mini is very aptly priced for the price conscious Indian customers…will the iPad be available in the Imagine Stores from tomorrow?
    I called up a store to inquire after reading this article but they said they did not have any official report…so i was wondering…BTW i’m from Kolkata…

  • Abhishek

    Wow !!! Finally my wait is over but guys as per the details mentioned above, acc. to that you can have 16gb version only right now so pls. tell me when 64gb Version is going to release ? Rohan can you advise me which one should I buy 64gb wifi OR Wifi + Cellular ?

  • http://technews Shree

    Well i got ipad 4 on 6th dec. only,n vry much satisfied to hv it

  • Rosen

    Apple opend gates for its iPAd mini India. NOw Indian fans can have iPAd mini from starting price of 21900

  • Yututu

    does ipad mini lags any time???