Apple to offer “back to school” discounts on iPad in India


Apple is planning to extend its “back to school” offer on the iPad with Retina Display in India, BGR India has exclusively learnt from sources. The back to school discounts were typically for Apple’s MacBooks and this is probably the first time it would offer it to students on the iPad in India.

According to details received by BGR India, the discounts will range from Rs 3,200 and will go up to Rs 5,700 depending on the variant. The offer will be applicable to students from class 10 upwards and students will have to give a copy of their school/college ID to avail it.

Here are the unconfirmed discounts students will be able to get on the iPad with Retina Display:

iPad 16GB – Rs 3,200 (Wi-Fi) and Rs 4,000 (3G)

iPad 32GB – Rs 3,800 (Wi-Fi) and Rs 4,600 (3G)

iPad 64GB – Rs 4,400 (Wi-Fi) and Rs 5,200 (3G)

iPad 128GB – Rs 5,000 (Wi-Fi) and Rs 5,700 (3G)

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