Apple to offer Rs 5,000 buyback offer on the iPhone 4S in India starting tomorrow


Apple India is launching a buyback scheme for the iPhone 4S 8GB from tomorrow. The scheme will let buyers trade-in their old smartphones and get a minimum of Rs 5,000 off on the iPhone 4S 8GB.

Details of the offer were first tweeted by @maheshtelecom, which BGR India has independently verified. Apple retails the iPhone 4S 8GB for Rs 31,500 and buyers will be able to get it for Rs 26,500 if they trade-in their old smartphones. This is not the first time Apple is doing a buyback scheme. It started with the iPhone 4, where it offered buyers Rs 7,000 for their old smartphone.

The offer will be valid till February 15 though Apple can extend the offer. The last time Apple announced the offer for the iPhone 4, its distributor ran out of stocks.

What do you think about this offer? Is Rs 5,000 good enough? Is the iPhone 4S 8GB for Rs 26,500 a good offer? Let us know in comments below.

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