Apple TV launched in India for Rs 8,295 [update]

Moments after we revealed Apple putting up Apple TV product page on its India site, it has quietly launched it in the country for Rs 8,295. [UPDATE: Apple updated its India site to reflect the price revision. We hear that the earlier price did not include taxes.] We were earlier told it would be priced at Rs 6,990. We checked with a couple of Apple premium resellers but it seems the stocks have not made it to stores, yet.

Apple TV is a digital box that brings iTunes Store content to televisions and also helps connect iDevices to the bigger display with AirPlay. With the launch of the iTunes Store in India late last year, it was only a matter of time before Apple launched the Apple TV. It seems that Apple’s “hobby” is becoming much more than a hobby, especially if Apple launches it across all the 56 countries where it rolled out the iTunes Store last year.

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