Apple unveils prices for the new iPods in India

Apple has officially posted the prices of the latest generation iPods on its website’s Indian listing page. According to the listing, the new iPod touch will cost Rs 23,900 and Rs 30,900 for the 32GB and 64GB variants respectively. The new iPod nano in contrast will cost Rs 12,500 while the iPod shuffle will cost Rs 3,700.

Apple has also reduced the price of the fourth generation iPod touch. It is now available in 16GB and 32GB models for Rs 15,900 and Rs 19,900 respectively. Apple also continues to sell the iPod Classic that has not received an overhaul for the last two years. It costs Rs 19,900.

Notably for the new iPod touch, Apple does not highlight the pricing on the landing page, but one has to dig deep into the iPod compare tool to get the new prices.

Currently, the new iPod touch and iPod nano models have a ‘coming soon’ status attached to them, but we can expect them sometime later this month alongside the iPhone 5 which will see a likely launch on October 26.

Hat Tip: @rakeshkhabiya

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  • Murtuza

    Thats not fair, Ipod touch 5th gen is 299$ in the US, u can easily get it around 315$ with taxes that is if one considers 52INR as exchange rate then it comes out as 17k. But 23.5k is not acceptable provided Apple has taken over control of distribution.

  • Anil

    Ha Ha Ha !!

    iPod Shuffle 2G for Rs 3750/-

    Apple please keep it in your warehouse don’t ship it to your stores as there will no buyers and you will waste money in transporting it.

    Ridiculous pricing. Just as pocket diaries were out dated when mobile phones came, music player are out dated due to affordable smart phones.

    Rethink apple.

  • Kenkare

    Price looks very touchy! This difference of price from US and India makes a good way for Grey market sellers and Apple is going to lose at least 30% of its share to Grey market sellers.
    We know that Apple has to pay import duties and government taxes but it should narrow the gap between India and International prices.

  • Jatin

    People should stop judging Apple products by price. Better buy one, use it and then speak.

    • Aniruddh

      What’s special in that music player? 23K??? Are you kidding me?? Anil is correct, Apple keep all those stuff in your warehouse.

  • Hargobind Shan

    too highly priced !!!!apple’s magic won’t work this time….:(

  • kuljeet singh

    Hey plz announce the results of the qualcomm BGR contest ….Waiting it was supposed to be announced by september end / October first week…

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Seems that India is fast catching up with Apple in early days it used to take months if not years for Apple to launch their gadgets in India.

  • Ankit

    Yea the price Of ipod touch 5th gen should be across 15,000 as $200 USD it is priced at apple website…….