Apple’s iPhone 4 buyback scheme smartphone list includes BlackBerry Z10

Apple’s buyback scheme for the iPhone 4 might have been in the news for all sorts of reasons but one thing that we are hearing from all quarters is that the sales of the iPhone 4 have significantly gone up. But a lot of users have also been complaining that some retailers are not accepting their old phones under the scheme. Now we have received the official list of phones that are eligible under this scheme.

According to a document shared with BGR India the buyback scheme is applicable to a wide variety of smartphones from brands like BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Sony. However, our sources tell us that retailers have the discretion to offer the buyback scheme to other brands and models or not provide the scheme on models listed in this agreement if they think they cannot resell that phone where they could end up losing money.

As we had reported earlier, Apple’s distributors reimburse retailers Rs 5,000 for every phone sold under this scheme in which the dealer gives a minimum of Rs 7,000 off to buyers. The retailer then recoups the remaining Rs 2,000 and any profit on top of it by selling the old phone taken from the customer.

Is it just optimism or sheer arrogance that the list includes the recently-launched BlackBerry Z10, which retails for Rs 43,000? Also, notice that the offer is valid only till April 14, but can be extended further by the distributor.

Hat tip to Sachin!

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