April Fools’ Day 2014: Hike Messenger lets users transfer cash to others by clicking a photo of a currency note


India’s Hike messenger is the latest to join in on the April Fools’ Day pranks by announcing a new direct cash transfer feature. This revolutionary feature, the company claims, lets users transfer cash to their friends by clicking photos of the currency note.

A majority of people in India are still not comfortable with using their debit or credit cards online and this is what gave Hike the idea. When a user clicks a photo of a currency note, Hike recognizes the serial number and in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of India, digitally transfers the amount. The company adds that once a photo of a currency not is uploaded, it is illegal to use that note for any kind of purchase. The digital currency called Hike coins works on the same principle as bitcoins and uses the same blockchain infrastructure to transfer the money.

To make it more believable, Hike has added a few testimonials in its FAQ section. Though we still aren’t sure how many people fell for it considering the company won’t tell us how many monthly active users they have.

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