> > April Fools' Day 2014: UCWeb and Opera browsers make digital pranks, launch new browsers

April Fools’ Day 2014: UCWeb and Opera browsers make digital pranks, launch new browsers


After Google, HTC, Samsung and Nokia pulled off their digital pranks on the April Fool’s day, mobile browser players including UCWeb and Opera Software too have announced some new products to tickle your funny bones. UCWeb has picked up on its calorie conscious users and has announced an update to UC Browser, which it has named as the Calorie Browser that can read body gesture controls to count calories. Opera browser, on the other hand, seems inspired from the LOLCats that dominate online videos and memes and has “launched” Cats, a web browser tailor made for felines.

Going by the latest fitness fad amongst the mobile makers, UCWeb has introduced the Calorie Browser to help users to burn calories while surfing on the Internet. The new browser will work on the basis of some gesture controls like a user can spin like a ballet dancer to refresh the page, swim the breaststroke to zoom in, run to download a movie in 10 seconds, roll on the floor to activate Incognito mode or hurl through the air to bookmark a page.

To make it sound more believable, the Chinese browser has also released a product tutorial video on YouTube which features a product manager who is talking about the Calorie Browser. And no one can escape it, the company claims, as it has “released” an automatic update for all its users.


Opera, on the other hand, says its Cats browser is very feline-friendly and allows them to interact with the web. Opera’s Cats comes with an easy to use interface, gesture-based navigation including tongue-touch and paw predict, and large buttons, all of which are designed using cats in mind.