As Google extends Exchange ActiveSync support for Windows Phone, Microsoft confirms incoming CardDav and CalDav support

Last night Google to the relief of Windows Phone 8 users announced that it was extending Exchange ActiveSync support for Gmail till July 31, from the earlier stipulated date of January 31. As it made this announcement Microsoft concurrently announced in a blog post that CardDav and CalDav support was in the works for Windows Phone 8 and this will allow users to sync their calendar and contacts with Google services using the IMAP protocol that is already built-in to the Windows Phone platform.

Previously, Google had announced that it was dropping ExchangeActiveSync support for Windows Phone on January 31, but it seems like Google has had a change of heart as it has extended the deadline to July 31. In another blog post Microsoft announced that Windows 8 and RT users will not be that lucky and they will not be able to use their Google accounts with Microsoft’s calendar app.

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