Asteroid 2012 DA14 gets doodled by Google

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is all set to pass planet Earth today and Google has decided to celebrate this occasion with a Google Doodle. The asteroid is of the size of a football field and no other object of this size has ever come this close to Earth. It’s an interactive doodle and the second ‘G’ in the Google logo pops out and a then we see a shooting asteroid like object miss the ‘G’.

The asteroid is scheduled to pass earth at 224 pm and it will pass about 17,200 miles above earth traveling at 8 miles per second. This means it will be extremely close to most TV satellites that reside above the earth.

We are not sure but it appears there are already reports from Russia about Meteor showers. There is even a video of one on YouTube, so this pretty much means that the Asteroid is about to pass planet earth in the next few hours.

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