WhatsApp is down


Messaging service WhatsApp is down and for the past half hour or so users haven’t been able to send messages.  The company has confirmed to BGR India that the service is indeed facing some issues and they are working towards fixing it. There is no word on how long it could take the company to restore the services.

When you open WhatsApp, it keeps trying to connect to the servers. It is quite similar to when you open the messaging app when there is no data connection.

Two days back the messaging service was in the spotlight for inking a deal with Facebook. In what is its biggest deal till date, the social giant acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion.

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  • Dushyant Singh

    Yeah Facebook, You achieved it

    • Mishti

      Me too and now I cant get back on at all :(

  • Anonymous

    urghhh so annoying

  • mail4bajpai

    beginning of an End or End of a good app…!!
    i am really disappointed that suddenly at 12 mid night.. all the service of Whatsapp came to Zero..
    cant send or receive any msg in the app..

    is this the outcome of a multi-billion deal…??

  • alex

    fuck facebook and whatsapp, VIBER FTW!

  • parul

    what the hell…!!!!! when will dis end..??

  • Maarten Pul

    No worries, facebook is just getting all your person shit….

  • Sebastian
  • Aryan

    It wasn’t the biggest deal btw

    • prateek bahl

      its mentioned that its the biggest deal of facebook…not for every company. so yes it is!

      • kevr1977

        GUYS N GALS, Whattsapp is Down Because they are ADDING adds to the service to keep it running as a free service for everyone.

  • AKX

    before reading this i reinstalled app 3 times XD

    • harsh

      hahahaha lol… :P

    • whatsapper

      even i had reinstalled. sms and phone verification were failing

      • AKX

        and i just recharged my net card XD

        • whatsapper

          did you also get stuck at verification part?

          • Katie Knox

            yes- reinstalled 3 times before realising everyone was down. Deliberately not using fb messenger, back to really slow sms (although still quicker than posting a letter I guess)

          • Lehnnyn

        • Monideep Chakraborty


    • Angel

      joining the reinstallation club!!

    • Patrick Kitheka

      at first I thought it was a problem with my data connection, I restarted my phone several times :P

      • Xander Krolis

        Hahaha, I also tought it was my data connection :P

  • Vivek Singla

    All WhatsApp users are now on
    Facebook because the server’s down.
    Smart move, Mark Zuckerberg. Well

    • Dheeraj

      dude now he owns both d companies n apps its his loss not a profit bcz all the users who were using whatsapp are not on fb at present…. Use your brains before heading your finger…

      • Sid

        “all the users who were using whatsapp are not on fb at present”
        That makes no sense, and you are asking others to use their brain.

        • Alex

          Zuckerberg owns both Facebook and Whatsapp, so he loses no money if people use the latter rather than the former. Was that really so difficult?

          • Max

            Well yeah, except for the fact that whatsapp doesn’t make a profit per visit cause it has no advertising, and facebook does…
            Anyway it’s certainly not on purpose, they are losing big money for this

      • Vivek Singla

        @ dheeraj. ….You should go to hospital…..i think u remain too serious always…..i think you cant use your brain……bcz u dont have….

  • mclarenfan1968

    The morons at facebook are probably asking for some integration of features right away which caused things to break.

  • Yugdeep

    It seems that Mark Zuckerberg wants to check how many users switched to Facebook wne whatsapp service is down

  • Sakshi


  • Bharath

    I faced this problem and was searching if there’s any information on it. This was the only site that gave info on what’s going now

  • F▲yeeD

    And here I was about to flash my phone n stuff… are we actually going to have to call people? :O

  • Hitansh Cryptrize

    and Whatsapp Server is Down Worldwide not Just in India

  • Niko

    Facebook u suck

  • ohyea

    facebook messenger
    is the new whats app ?

    • hebert matika

      F#@k him and his money ?

  • Vivek Chandra

    Guess, FB is testing whether they are really No. 2 or people fall back on some other app like ‘Line’ and ‘Wechat’

  • Tluangtea307

    And now, people start to complain at Facebook.. But, who cares? this aint, a childs play its a Billionare play!

  • Chad

    This is a proof that facebook bought it… It will by laggier than ever

  • stofke72

    I switched to Telegram the so called secure Whatsapp clone but that one is also down, wonder why that one is also affected?

  • shihabkuningad

    ALL R IN face book now. Sukker”s MISSION SUCCess.. :)

  • Babar Lodhi

    Its down and its frustrating as I was chatting and it went down… At least now I know its not my phone or service its WhatsApp server. Hope they’ll get it fixed soon.

  • Niki
  • Sk3l3t0r

    well this really sucks … going back to carrier provided texting sucks …. its barbaric it sucks … did i mention it sucks ?

  • Sk3l3t0r

    now those of us that dont use facebook will be forced to become users … Zuckerbrg is the new antichrist

  • Agaw Abhi

    whatsapp band hai aur itni raat fb pe gardi hai :P :)

  • Paris Robbed My Soul


  • Paris Robbed My Soul

  • Agaw Abhi

    bc kya hua whatsapp ko?????????????????????????????? :@ i just had a heated argument with close friend and then i tried to block her but it showed error, then i thought of msging her then suddenly msg was not being sent to any1 so i reinstalled watsapp but then too failure was at my hands and then now i reinstalled my whole bluestacks but then now its showing “please insert sd card for storage and apk file corrupted”. W T F!!! is bluestacks gone mad or my laptop is behaving like a smartphone!!!! — feeling annoyed. i think whatsapp might be forcefully closed so that NSA could install some spy software into it :P

  • bakshi

    good job marks

  • Aakash Sharma

    bc whatsapp kisi ka nai chal rha h or mujhe mera ph karab ho gaya h maa k lode sallo chutiye k pattho…dimaag kharab kr diya

  • sk3l3t0r

    what a crock oh sh1t all of this is … phuq u facebook and MZ

  • Patrick Kitheka

    Lol, before seeing #Whatsapp trending on twitter, I had restarted my device like ten times….thinking I have a problem w/ data connection. -_-

    • sk3l3t0r

      I think its a ploy from MZ to see how many ppl he can wrangle into facebook

      • Patrick Kitheka

        Mike wants to be the kingpin in social networking…….but as long as he’ll maintain Whatsapp as it has been, I have no problem with it. And oh yeah, I hope they do away with the idea of having to pay for it after 1 year of service.

  • Aakash Sharma

    yr till now from midnight 12 i have installed whatsaap 17 times n nw i come 2 know all the stories,.shits bc zukerberg kya h acche khase aap ki maar li..

  • sk3l3t0r

    pretty soon we’ll have a facebook chip implanted in our wrists or foreheads….

  • Joel N

    jus fuk it…fuk it all…smh :(

  • Anthony Ferrante

    well, i still got my BBM messenger, works on Android and iPhone too…get it

  • Sleepi

    for ppl saying they forced ppl to fb for “benefit” doesn’t make sense since fb now has both. True ppl are using fb messenger now because of it but to say “go fb” doesn’t make sense since they both belong to the same team

    • Jan

      Yes but facebook makes them more money trough add revenue, while what’s app does not u.u

  • xit

    don’t worry fellaz! I will make an app that will compete with facebook and it will not be available for sale

    • Larry Johnson

      ’till someone offers you $19 billion…

  • WhatsApp


  • guest

    He took it down on purpose, when it comes back, it’ll be the new spytool after fb

  • deeZee

    Why not dump that garbage altogether and just switch to BBM?

    You can keep your spyware laden Android or iPhone, or you can just switch to z10 or z30. I did and I couldn’t be happpier. And yes, I can run android apps on my z30, in addition to the native BB apps.


    before we get connexion for free.. now the paid lots of money and nothing ahhahaha

  • Salma Ghassan

    what ever happen .. don’t think about not viewing the last seen !!

    This is a way of living man!

  • Vineet

    Now whatsapp working well… Enjoy… :-)

  • Vineet

    Whatsapp is working now…. Enjoy… :-)

  • Vineet

    but still problem with voice, pics and media sharing only msg work

  • Fakhruddin Godhrawala

    Obviously if you are on the news so much, new people will try your service and your service will have to face higher traffic.. so its normal..

  • Roshan Ekka

    And my Gf brokeup with me because i wasnt replying to her. :( it wasnt my fault. :’(

  • Pickname

    Get Viber app, call from abroad!

  • Chadrac Lubembo

    Is this the new policy of facebook to grow up the number of facebook users?

  • Sibongiseni Bentley Msomi

    You people need to take a chill pill… cause this could have happened because the 2 companies were integrating some services on their servers.

  • Sharon Saji

    Because of the problems in whatsapp I downloaded photo4tune and now I am a regular user! It lets me share pics without having to think about misuse because of its awesome feature of self destruct once the viewer has viewed it! Check it out here: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.photo4tune.navigator