BBM gets video calling, screen sharing in BlackBerry 10

Today’s BlackBerry 10 launch event wasn’t just about the new smartphones – the Z10 and the Q10 – but also about new software features in the operating system that was not shown off earlier. One of them was BlackBerry Remember and the second key feature was the all-new BlackBerry Messenger or BBM as it is popularly known.

The new BBM messenger can not only do text IMs but also live video calls. What’s more users can also share their screens so one can see exactly whats on the other person’s screen. With ScreenShare, users will also be able to navigate through their screens, which could be anything from a tour of a photo album or a presentation deck. This is going to be a handy feature, especially for corporates and takes BBM a step ahead of Apple’s FaceTime service. Check out the new BBM in action in the video below.

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