Beats headsets make a statement at World Cup 2014 despite FIFA ban


Being the official sponsor for football World Cup is a big deal as you not only get global visibility but can also ensure your rivals don’t get any. But sometimes it can backfire as Sony is finding out this time.

Sony is the official electronics sponsor for World Cup 2014, which means that players cannot be seen using products from any other electronics company while they are at any of the stadiums during a match or official events. In order to ensure that players are not seen with Beats headsets, Sony distributed its own cans to players, which they are supposed to wear once they are inside the stadium. However, this move seems to be backfiring for Sony.

While players wear Sony headsets inside stadiums, many have been found wearing the bulky Beats headsets while stepping out of their team buses or practice sessions. Reuters reports spotting marquee players like Neymar Jr, Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez sporting Dr Dre’s headsets, which are said to be a favorite among many footballers.

This unofficial endorsement does not only give Beats the brand visibility at the World Cup but also sends out a powerful message to viewers that while the footballers might be forced to use Sony headsets, they personally use those by Beats!

While pundits might still crib about the audio quality dished out by Beats headsets, it has affirmed its place in pop culture and also justifies to some extent why Apple paid in excess of $3 billion to acquire the company. After all, how many times we have seen celebrities endorsing a rival smartphone brand but ending up tweeting from their iPhones or getting caught using one?

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