BlackBerry 10’s BBM with video chat and screen sharing, new task manager leaked

RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins was only short of spelling out that BBM in BlackBerry 10 will have video chat when BlackBerry 10 first came out in the news but now that fact may have been almost confirmed with what look like a few leaked slides out of an internal presentation.

The images first came up on CrackBerry’s forum but were taken down later, which makes the probability higher that the leaked information is true, Engadget reports. The leak also suggests that users will have the ability to screen share on BBM during video calls.

There will be a new task manager called “BlackBerry Remember” that will have the capability to sync Outlook and based on its description, the gold SDK may include Evernote integration according to another slide.

The stars are lining up for a spectacular BlackBerry 10 launch on January 30 when Heins & Co unveil the new OS after teasing it for months. Can BlackBerry 10 revive RIM’s fortunes? We will find out soon.


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