BlackBerry 10.1 OS leaked ahead of official release, introduces new features like Type N Go and Mnemonic phone dialing among others

BlackBerry plans to update its BB10 OS to version 10.1 and release it along with the BlackBerry Q10 later this month. Now the folks at bbin have posted images and detailed explanations of what features we can expect on this latest update.

BB 10.1 OS brings with it quite a few new features like Mnemonic Phone Dialing, BB Mobile Voice System Support, Word Prediction, Type N Go, Dark Theme Support, Out-of-Box-Experience and Smartcard Support among others. BlackBerry has also warned that some features will behave differently on the Q10 when compared to the Z10 because of the presence of a physical keyboard.

To start with, the Mnemonic phone dialing feature lets users dial phone numbers by name or number and the Type N Go feature enhances the in-built search feature by adding commands. To use Type N Go,  a user has to press the Space Bar and then type in commands like BBM, email, call, update Facebook, which as the names suggest let you BBM a contact, email a selected contact, call a person and also update Facebook right from the Search bar.

With the Word Prediction feature, Q10 users will now see three predicted words at the bottom of the screen just like how it works on the Z10. There are also quite a few keyboard shortcuts added like pressing Spacebar to scroll down, Shift and Spacebar to scroll up, pressing ‘i’ to zoom in and ‘o’ to zoom and many more.

Developers can download the SDK for BB10.1 from BlackBerry’s website.