BlackBerry 10 screenshots leak as RIM sends out invites for January 30 event, hides Siri rival in plain sight

BlackBerry 10 screenshots have been leaked courtesy Tihnte, which show some of the built-in BlackBerry 10 apps, the home-screen, the BlackBerry hub and the BlackBerry quick access settings. Ironically, this has happened on the same day as RIM has sent out invites for an event on January 30 for the launch of BlackBerry 10 based hardware.

Frankly speaking there is nothing really new out here as we have already seen the BlackBerry 10 cascading UI in countless BlackBerry Jam sessions held around the world.

BlackBerry Hub seems like a very integrated system that combines social networks, Email accounts, BBM, notifications, calls all in one UI. And as Thorsten Heins likes to put it access to this screen is ‘just one thumb away’ as it can be brought up via a simple swipe gesture.

Perhaps the biggest thing revealed in this leak is that RIM seems to have developed its own ‘Siri’ like voice recognition application and according to the screenshots users can send BBM messages on the fly or schedule meetings or even launch applications like the built-in camera application.

Besides this, there are screenshots of a number of pre-loaded apps like Facebook and FourSquare that look quite similar to their Android and iOS counterparts, but in the case of the Facebook app we know for a fact it has been developed by RIM and not Facebook with BBM integration just like Microsoft has done for Windows Phone.


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