BlackBerry has 6 million pre-registered users for BBM on Android, iOS


BlackBerry has revealed it has 6 million pre-registered users for BBM on Android and iOS. The figure was revealed by Frank Boulben, the company’s chief marketing officer in an interview with Reuters. We are not sure what Boulben means by pre-registered users here but it is most likely to be the number of users who had installed the official BBM app for iOS and those who had sideloaded the leaked BBM app for Android.

BlackBerry had to postpone the launch of its BBM for Android and iOS apps after a leaked early version of its Android app was downloaded by more than a million users, playing havoc with BlackBerry’s servers. Without announcing a date, Boulben said that the app would be available on both platforms “within days.”

The beleaguered smartphone vendor has taken out full page ads in the form of an open letter in 30 newspapers across nine countries pleading customers that the company is not dead and reassuring them that it will live on and continue to provide services.

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