BlackBerry India’s MD Sunil Dutt resigns

Sunil Dutt, managing director, Blackberry India has quit from the company within a month after leading the launch of BlackBerry 10 OS and the Z10 in India. This comes as a surprise to all especially after listening to Thorsten Hein, CEO of BlackBerry, speak about the overwhelming response received to Z10 after two days of its launch in India.

Dutt has had a rather short association with the company, considering that he had joined BlackBerry in December 2011. There is no confirmation on where he would be joining next. Rick Costanzo, executive vice president for global sales would take over the position for the time being, till the time a new representative is appointed to lead the team.

BlackBerry sees India as a major market for its products and is already facing dwindling market shares to bear this jolt coming their way. Moreover, while sailing through the tough tides to save as well as grow its market in India, BlackBerry is also dealing with the Indian Government’s pressure on providing it the access to the unique PINs of all BlackBerry devices across the world for security reasons. Moreover, the Government has reportedly proposed to take over the monitoring of BlackBerry servers in Mumbai and has threatened BlackBerry to ban its services if it fails to provide the government the access to its data by March 31.

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