BlackBerry lifts queue system from BBM for Android and iOS, allows instant download

BlackBerry has now removed the virtual queue system on its BBM app for users on Android and iOS. The company had launched the BBM for Android and iOS platform on the basis of a registration wait list which required a user to first register with their email IDs to reserve their spot and get their BBM pins for using the app. However now the company has lifted the queue system it had implemented and is allowing everyone to access BBM.

While launching the BBM app for cross platforms, the company mentioned to have implemented this line-up system to avoid any complications and to ensure a smooth roll out of the app. And especially considering the earlier incidence when someone had uploaded an unreleased version of BBM for Android before the actual launch of the app, the company did not want to take any further risk.

Recently BlackBerry, which announced to have registered over 10 million BBM app downloads on Android and iPhone within 24 hours of its launch, was also accused of allowing fake positive reviews to promote its app on Android. However it denied of doing anything like that.