BlackBerry piggy backs on Amazon to get 240,000 Android apps for BB10


BlackBerry today announced it has tied up with Amazon to bring Android apps to its BlackBerry 10 (BB10) platform with the planned 10.3 update later this year. The partnership will provide BB10 smartphones access to 240,000 Android apps that are available on Amazon’s Appstore. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and the smartphone, which is scheduled to be launched later tonight, use a forked version of Android that do not get access to Google’s Play store, which led Amazon to creating its own competing app store. Amazon also lets Android smartphone users to install the Appstore on their smartphones.

With BB10, BlackBerry let users to sideload Android apps to counter the shortage of apps on the platform. This move will give BlackBerry access to a number of popular apps, especially those that app developers did not port to BB10. BlackBerry and Amazon will work with BlackBerry’s app development community to migrate their apps to Amazon Appstore. However, the company says it will continue to offer its own app store called BlackBerry World as well, which sounds a little confusing.

“BlackBerry and Amazon will be working with the BlackBerry application developer community to help them migrate their apps to the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3 launch, where they will benefit from the store’s powerful promotional tools that enable maximum discoverability and profitability.  This will include Appstore Developer Select, which provides enhanced merchandising, as well as Amazon Coins incentives, the Developer Promotions Console, which enables real-time pricing adjustments and specials, and the popular Free App of the Day program,” BlackBerry announced in its press release.

BlackBerry says it will stop offering music and video content from BlackBerry World starting July 21 and users will be sent to Amazon’s store for that. However, previously downloaded content will be available to users through the MyWorld section.

BlackBerry is scheduled to launch its Z3 smartphone in India on June 25, which could bring its full-touch BB10 smartphone in the sub-Rs 15,000 price point.

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