RIM investigating delays in email, BBM delivery [update: service back to normal]

Uh, oh! BlackBerry users are facing delay in email and BBM message delivery. It is not clear how widespread the delay is but we are already getting reports from India and UK about users complaining about BBM messages not getting delivered and delays in getting mails. RIM has promptly sent out a Tweet it is investigating the matter, a lesson it learnt from last month’s outage where it kept mum for the first few hours. We are following this closely and will be updating this post as it develops. Do comment below if you are facing similar delays (or not) with your location. Hopefully, RIM will get on top of this situation before we face yet another global outage. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 1: RIM has reached out to AllThingsD to confirm “there is no system-wide outage.” However, it acknowledged some users in India, Europe, Middle East and Africa are experiencing delays. These are the same regions that were first affected during last month’s outage that lasted for three days and turned into a global outage.

UPDATE 2: Statement from RIM on its Facebook page:

Wanted to share with you our latest update. There is no system-wide outage, however we are investigating reports that some users in EMEA have experienced delays. We will update you as soon as possible.

UPDATE 3: RIM has just sent out a Tweet confirming services are back to normal in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.

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