BlackBerry Z10 sold out in India two days after launch: CEO Thorsten Heins

The buzz around the newly launched BlackBerry Z10 has barely died, when in a chat with Bloomberg, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that the Canadian company is set to release less expensive phones running on the BB10 OS later this year.

These devices will be specifically targeted at the low-cost markets in the Asia-Pacific region that includes India. But at the same time he also made it clear that these devices though less expensive, won’t be too cheap. BlackBerry won’t play in the $50-$60 market. This piece of news will be welcomed with open arms by the huge number of people especially in India who were impressed with the new BB10 OS on the Z10, but were disappointed that they couldn’t afford the smartphone priced at Rs 43,490.

Heins also expressed his surprise at how well the BlackBerry Z10 has done in the Indian market despite many feeling that the device was priced too high. He also mentioned that the retailers in India had sold out most of the Z10 stocks within two days of launch.