BlackBerry’s 2013 product roadmap leaked, BB10 tablet and BB10 phablet on their way

BlackBerry Z10 has worked liked a breath of fresh air for the Canadian company selling a million devices since its launch back in January. Now the folks at @BB10leaks have posted a set of screenshots from a presentation showing a sort of roadmap for all the products BlackBerry plans to launch this year.

The screenshots show a timeline with BlackBerry products including the Z10 and the Q10 listed under the months they were launched in. According to the slides, after the aforementioned products, BlackBerry plans to launch what looks like a BlackBerry 10 tablet sometime in Q3 followed by a large-screened phablet codenamed the U10 sometime in the late Q4 and then a potential successor to the Q10 with a slightly larger screen codenamed the R10 sometime early next year.

It is difficult to say just how authentic these images might be and should be taken with a pinch of salt. But it they are indeed true, we might see some pretty exciting products from BlackBerry this year.

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