Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan is the latest subject of Apple’s ‘Your Verse’ campaign


As a part of its ‘Your Verse’ campaign, Apple has selected Bollywood to tell the story of how the iPads help people in day-to-day life. This time Apple has chosen Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan as he tells the story of how using the iPad Air has made his life and job so much simpler.

Khan, known for choreographing songs like Maa Da Laadla from Dostana and Move Your Body from Johnny Gaddaar, is seen using his iPad Air for almost all his work like location scouting, choosing costumes and recording videos of a dance routine to later watch it in slow motion. So the page essentially says how the iPad Air has made things simpler for Khan by replacing a camera, laptop and voice recorders among others.

“Khan is able to adopt an entirely new approach that enables him to save precious time and share his input more simply and cohesively,” the page says. “Khan can set up a shared photo stream and invite his team to view photos and videos in a single, organized album. His colleagues can add comments and their own content. This way, everyone can receive updates instantaneously and get on the same page more quickly.”

The Your Verse story also highlights particular apps like the Artemis HD for experimenting with various lens options and SlowPro, which helps Khan shoot dance routines at 1,000 frames per second and analyze the shot in slow motion.

You can read the entire story on Apple’s iPad page here.

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