Bollywood star Imran Khan to promote MTS


Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL) that nationally operates its telecom services under the MTS brand has signed Bollywood actor Imran Khan as its brand ambassador. The youth icon will play an integral part across all MTS’ forthcoming campaigns.

“I am excited to be a part of the 15 million strong MTS family. What drew me towards a global brand like MTS was its energy and its desire to connect and engage with people specially the youth. Given the times we live in, a national telecom operator like MTS is also a big unifier, connecting the nook and corners of our country. I am delighted to come on board and be a part of the same journey,” said Khan.

According to Leonid Musatov, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, MTS India, “Brand MTS is all about experimenting and doing things differently. When we cross mapped these attributes, Imran came across as a clear choice. Both believe in challenging the norm and being a Step Ahead when it comes to their appeal amongst the youth.”

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