British teen pays Rs 45,000 for a photo of XBox One on eBay

In what is possibly the weirdest piece of news you could come across today, a teenager in UK paid $736 (Rs 45,300 approximately) for a photo of an Xbox One listed on eBay. According to Nottingham Post (via Tom Warren) he thought that he had paid for the console, but actually received a picture of one in the post.

Peter Clatworthy, a 19-year old student, had saved up so he could buy a special edition Xbox One on the day it launched in the UK. According to him, the listing on eBay looked genuine and was also listed under the video games and consoles category. Though the listing had the word “photo”, a combination of the category it had been placed in and the seller’s overall positive rating swayed Clatworthy into buying it. A couple of days later, instead of the console, he got a photo of the special edition Xbox One in the mail with the words “thank you for your purchase” scribbled on the back.

He immediately complained to eBay, who on investigating the matter have stated that Clatworthy is entitled to full refund and have given the seller up till Monday to send back the money. On the whole experience Clatworthy said, “I always buy stuff on eBay and this had never happened before. I’ve had to make a joke out of it because I was that angry. At least we’ve now got something to laugh about in the years to come.”