Broadcom shows ‘PC-on-a-stick’ dongle at MWC

Mobile World Congress this year has been all about mobiles and tablets with bigger and better displays crammed with as much performance power as possible into those small packages. Now Broadcom has taken the mobility factor to an all new level when it showed a device called ‘PC-on-a-stick’ at its booth at MWC.

The device shown at the event was in its barest form – a circuit board connected to a monitor. Essentially this device is a PC that can be connected to any monitor or a display device using a USB or an HDMI port. It uses cloud technology to store any OS or essential files, use Wi-Fi to gain access to them from the Internet and can be operated using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

The PC-on-a-stick is targeted at corporate or education institutions where PCs or laptops are bought in huge numbers. By opting for this device which Broadcom says will cost less than $50 (Rs 2,700 approximately), an institution will only have to invest heavily on secondary devices like monitors or keyboards, etc and save a lot of money in the process.

The PC-on-a-stick is a revolutionary product with huge potential and we are excited to see how Broadcom will market it. In a country like India, where the government has been trying to introduce computers in rural areas and classrooms all over the country, this device could be an ideal and cost-effective option.

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