CES 2014: Intel unveils its new digital assistant housed inside an earpiece called ‘Jarvis’


When someone mentions Jarvis, the first thing that comes to mind is Tony Stark’s uber-smart computer assistant that plays a huge part in building and maintaining the Iron Man suits. Thanks to Intel we could soon have a Jarvis of our own. At CES, Intel unveiled its digital assistant of the same name that is housed inside an earpiece and constantly communicates with a companion Android app.

Intel says that the Bluetooth earpiece is shaped in a way that fits perfectly in a person’s ear without being uncomfortable. Jarvis can understand voice commands and in conjunction with the Android app, does all that you expect from a digital assistant — give directions, set appointments/reminders and look for restaurants among other things.

Jarvis, for now, is only a reference design, but Intel is planning a launch sometime later this year.